Hayfield Secondary School News Papers

Hayfield's Student News Paper has had several names over the years.
On the pages linked here you will find as many editions as we could locate.

The format used does not allow for copying of the images to your computer, only to view them.
If you would like a copy of a Paper, or page from a paper I'm happy to email you a copy.
Send requests to me at: Hayfield74@aol.com
Please be specific in your request, year, date or issue number, and page number if just a specific page.

We would like to extend our thanks to the following people for their help in getting this project off the ground.

Mr. Stewart Hill, Faculty Sponsor of the Paper from 1974 through 1986.
Mr. Hill volunteered his personal collection of School Papers, and information he collected about the Gambino-v-Fairfax Lawsuit.

Deb (Greenquist) Antonini, and Vicki Mantelero, for their time and patience scanning the Papers.
Ana (Rivas Bertolo) Beck, for helping out with getting copies distributed for scanning.
If not for all of the help provided, this project would not have gone as smoothly as it did.

Do you have issues that do not appear here? Contact us if you would like to have them added to our project.
We can be contacted here: hayfield74@aol.com

The first incarnation was "Heritage". Click the image below to view editions of "Heritage"


Beginning at some point in 1974 the paper became known as "The Farm News". Follow the link below to view editions.

The Farm News

In 1977 Principal, Mrs. Torrice wanted an Article written for The Farm News
to be Edited, leaving out parts deemed to be against Policy.
This action ended up in Federal Court.
The case became Gambino v. Fairfax
Click the link to View information about the Case.

Another paper Published was "Business Hawks"
If you have issues of this Paper and would like to contribute, contact us.

Business Hawks

The current Student News Paper is published online.
It can be found here: H2Newsmagazine

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