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Gambino v. Fairfax County Board of Education

In 1976 Principal Doris Torrice reviewed an article written by Lauren Boyd.
Mrs. Torrice insisted that parts of the article be removed before printing.
Rather than edit the article, the editors printed the headline, and left the content blank.
After exhausting their appeals through the school system, the editors decided to sue.
The lawsuit became known as Gambino v. Fairfax County Board of Education.

Mr. Stewart Hill, the advisor to the paper at the time collected the information presented on the following pages.
We would like to extend our thanks to Mr. Hill for not only saving the information,
but for donating it to us to be presented here.
We would also like to thank Lauren Boyd for giving us her blessing in presenting this project.

The audio recordings run about an hour in total and were recorded by Mr. Hill.
In total, there are over 100 articles presented.

The article was set to be released in the December 01, 1976 Issue.
It was finally printed in full in the November 14, 1977 Issue
Both issues are available in The Farm News pages.

Mr. Stewart Hill

Material presented here came from both Laruren Boyd, and Stewart Hill.
Mr. Hill was instrumental in launching this project, and provided the bulk of the information.
Mr. Hill also took the time to write an introduction to the case, from beginning through the end.
I encourage you to read through the introduction before diving in to the information.
The introduction provides information not in any of the articles.
Introduction to Gambino v. Fairfax

Beginning in 1976 the controversy took on a life of its own.

Censorship of a Student Article

How censorship of a student article became a Federal lawsuit.
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In 1977 the controversy grew,
until a Federal Appeals court upheld the prior ruling.
The controversy grows,
and is then resolved.
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After the ruling for The Farm News,
the case continued to be written about.
After the Ruling
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