Classes of The 70's Mega-Reunion 2014 Pictures

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Classes of The 70's Mega-Reunion

The use of any, and all pictures presented on this web site are intended for the sole use of Hayfield Secondary School Classes of the 70's, and it's members. All other use is strictly prohibited without express written permission.

Classmates, all pictures are presented in the size they were donated. This means some are capable of producing an 8 X 10 print, and some are not. E-mailed, and cell phone pictures may not produce a print that large. There is no way to distinguish which is which in most cases, except the smaller pictures are cell phone pictures. All Photo Booth pictures are full size, and will produce an 8 X 10 print if desired. Simply click the thumbnail and copy and paste the large picture, and print away if you wish!

School Tour
Bungalow 2
Photo Booth
Paradiso 2
Mega Reunion Handbook 2014
Committee Meeting 04/12/2014
Committee Meeting 05/22/2014
Committee Meeting 06/21/2014
Committee Meeting 07/12/2014
Committee Meeting 09/06/2014
Committee Meeting 09/28/2014
Committee Meeting 10/08/2014

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